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New Album - update!

For our new album, we've spent two weeks in Highwood Studios, working 'round the clock to give you nothing but the best of us. We had a great time and believe you me: it sounds awesome! Next stop is recording all additional instruments (horn section, keys, background vocals and whatnot) and starting the whole mixing and mastering process. We'll get back to you soon, so keep posted!


New album and new videoclip online!

Our newest album will be recorded this August in Studio Highwood (Hoogwoud, The Netherlands)! We're all very excited, as this is going to be something very different from what we've ever done before; a collaboration with a huge amount of highly respected musicians in a whole new style! More about that soon! In the meantime, keep yourselves entertained with this long-awaited and awesome videoclip for the song Funky beast! Check it out below!


Review about our gig at the benefit for Nepal in Heiloo (by Erwin Hoetjes)

“De jongens van de Wet T-Shirt Contest speelden een retestrakke set. Tim is een bevlogen zanger die een prachtig evenwicht verzorgt tussen de paardestaarten. De drummer, William (Miller speelt ook de hoofdrol in Almost Famous) was geweldig. Ietwat achterover, alsof hij pauze had, tikte hij met z’n stokken als een metronoom over de vellen en de deksels. Iedere fill moeiteloos doen. Dit was de Zen drummer. Bravo. In plaats van natte shirts en harde tepels deelden ze gebroederlijk 1 handdoek voor hun overtollig zweet. Inmiddels waren alle oordoppen uitverkocht en gingen de mensen pogo-en.”


Winners (again)!

Aww yiss! Wet T-Shirt Contest came out as winner in the big finale of the Dutch bandbattle called 'popprijs Zaanslag' this saturday. As a price we will, amongst other things, get to play at Hongerige wolf festival and Haltpop 2015. More news will follow, so keep posted!


Funky beast (official videoclip)


Blastin' out (live @ Zaanslag)


Divine intervention (live @ Zaanslag)


Funky beast (album teaser)


Doghouse (2012)



Raw funk, rock, lust and madness; Wet T-Shirt Contest takes you on a ludicrous trip into the comically ugly world of day-to-day life.

The band started out in 2008 and turned out to be a real head turner from day one, performing on major festivals throughout Holland, organizing events with graffiti-artists, VJ's, percussionists, poets, guest appearances, dancers and whatnot, even playing in forensic psychiatric centers and dragging in awards at every single contest they participated in.

Then, somewhere in the beginning of 2013, changes were made in the formation of the band, making Lars Posthumus (saxophone) leave the group and bass guitarist Manus Boerlage take Elmor Rosina's place in it. They took a short break from performing, focusing solely on writing new material and the recording of a new EP called 'Funky beast', which was released in April 2014. With the coming of this long awaited, psychedelic, sex, drugs and rock-invested piece of raw, funky beauty, the band has proven to have pushed itself onto an even higher level than before, resulting in a jam-packed release party where the crowd unanimously begged for more. And more will come! Wet T-Shirt Contest is planning to release their newest album somewhere in 2018, and it is going to blow your mind!

Wet T Shirt Contest is:
Tim van Furstenberg - vocals
Remco Schilder - guitar, vocals
Louis Carlebur - drums, vocals
Manus Boerlage - bass guitar